Staron Kitchen Countertops Review – Affordable Solid Surfaces

There are many types of solid surface countertops on the market today. Staron countertops are made of 100% acrylic material and they come in many designer colors and styles. Staron tops are similar to other engineered stone countertops such as Corian by Dupont. Staron acrylic type countertops should not be confused with quartz countertops such as Cambria, Zodiaq and Hanstone. These types of quartz tops use quartzite which is an actual material in granite to manufacture their counters. Staron countertops come in many designer styles that may have the look of granite but they are really 100% acrylic materials. Staron tops can be had for as little as $30 sq/ft which makes them cheaper than any other of the solid suface types of countertops on the market today.

100% acrylic countertops from Staron have been installed in Asian countries for many years.

Staron countertops are manufactured in South Korea by Samsung which is the same Samsung company known for many consumer electronic products. Staron countertops have been used in Asia for many years to provide a low cost solid surface countertop material. Staron countertops are composed of an extremely non porous acrylic material that will not harbor mold, mildew and bacteria like porous stone countertops. By being extremely non porous Staron countertops are certified by the Greenguard Institute for installation in schools and other public places.
There are many advantages of Staron Acrylic countertops.

Staron countertops come in many designer colors and styles. Some of the designer styles look just like granite but they never have to be sealed and maintained like granite countertops. Staron countertops come with many edge profiling options and they can be custom fabricated with any type of design you want. Also the nature of 100% acrylic allows for Staron Countertops to have a sink integrated within the countertop material. This one piece countertop design means there will not be any seems to caulk and grow mold and mildew in between the countertop and the sink. This type of one piece countertop providesthe ultimate sanitary type of countertop where it is almost impossible for mold and mildew to form.

The main disadvantage of Staron countertops is the durability of the acrylic finish.

Acrylic countertops are not like other quartz or quartzite types of countertops such as Zodiaq, Cambria and Hanstone countertops. Quartzite based countertops are composed mostly of pieces of granite with an epoxy resin. The quartzite material is a lot more scratch resistant than the Acrylic Resins that compose Staron countertops. Also traditional granite countertops will be much more scratch resistant than acrylic Staron countertops.

Staron countertops are also not as heat resistant as other types of solid surface countertops. While any type of countertop material can be damaged with an extreme heat source, acrylic countertops are extremely susceptible to heat damage. You should never place a hot pan on a Staron countertop and using heat pads and cutting boards is a definite necessity with Staron countertops. You will fond more information on changing your countertops at

With any type of solid surface countertop you should always use heat pads and never cut on the countertop surface. This would seem to make the lower scratch and heat resistance of a Staron countertop a moot point. The issue with Staron countertops is that when they are installed in a kitchen there will always be some type of incidental scratching with normal use. Many times the scratches are extremely fine and can barely be noticed. Even so after time you may want to have your Staron countertop polished to take out the scratches and bring back the original finish of your Staron countertop.

The soft easy to scratch surface of Staron countertops do have one significant advantage. These countertops are easy to polish and restore to their original finish. Many time minor scratches can simply be remove with just a soft scrub pad. some people even have a lot of success just using sandpaper on a random orbital sander to completely refinish the surface. Granite and quartzite countertops are much more hard and difficult to restore and require diamond polishing pads and a stone restoration company to polish these surfaces. Staron countertops on the other hand can be polished by many DIY homeowners. If you are not confident in how to sand down and polish a Staron countertop then you may want to call a stone restoration professional to remove the scratches and polish your Staron countertop. If there are large areas of heat damage or other type of serious damage a stone restoration company may be able to cut out the damaged area and insert a new piece of countertop material in its place. The repaired countertop section can be glued in place and sanded to the point where the repaired section matches the rest of the countertop.