Selling Your Own Home by Aromas

Fragrance might sell, but aromas may not when it comes to selling your home. Buyers follow their noses, and your home should smell like a good buy. Here are some tips on making your home a place where buyers want to live, not leave:
If you are selling a home yourself, and you have to be the one to show it to prospective buyers, you had better be ready. You have the potential to make a sale, or scare a buyer away.

First Impressions Count
When buyers first come in that front door; the one that you have cleaned and painted and oiled the hinges on; they have four senses that they will use, perhaps even subconsciously, to decide if they like the place. One of the first things that hits people when they enter a home is the smell, which can stop some buyers right in their tracks. The smell of mould for example, can end a showing before it even starts. It signals dampness and can be a health risk. Sophisticated buyers will recognise it as a warning sign right away.

Home Scents
Living in a house, you may not be aware of what it smells like to someone who has just come in from the outdoors. In order to find out, a trusted friend or neighbour can help. The next time they come to the door, ask them, “What is that smell?” Do not ask them if they smell something. They may just be too polite to say anything, so find out what they can smell. They are more apt to give an honest and helpful answer this way. You can prompt them by suggesting perhaps it is the litter-box or the cabbage you just cooked, or the shoes that are lined up by the door. You may then get them to agree or come up with something else. When you know, you can work to fix it for the next showing. When you next come home from a day outdoors, take a good objective sniff.

Odours Matter
Bear in mind when showing a home, you have to expend extra effort, and perhaps alter your lifestyle, in order to keep a buyer interested. Although they should realise that the smell of a fried fish dinner does not effect the structural integrity or perfect location of the home, they are influenced by odour. There are no shortage of ways to get rid of odours, from exhaustive cleaning to dehumidifiers. Do whatever is necessary, including timing the showing of the home so it does not coincide with the cooking of curry, or the bathing of the dogs. Instead, perhaps a scented candle and plenty of open windows should precede a visit from prospective buyers. You can even time the unloading of the dryer with an imminent showing: The warm and comforting aroma of clean laundry has an unmistakable appeal to most people.

When there are so many homes on the market, and so few buyers looking at them, it is important to do the extra things that just may make the difference. If you are selling it yourself, or with the help of a professional broker, having your home ready to show is a key factor in getting it sold. Aromas can cost you money, or help your sale..