Electric Fireplaces – A New Trend in Home Heating

Electric Fireplaces can be a great home heating option. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, electric heating devices have improved so dramatically during the last ten years that they can now compete with more traditional methods of heating your home.

For example did you know that the cost of heating oil has gone up so dramatically that the price is now around £2.00 per gallon. That may not sound bad, but when you consider that an average oil furnace will burn about 8 gallons of oil on a cold day, the costs get very expensive.

Lets just look at the math for heating oil, if you burn 8 gallons a day at £2.00, then that’s £17.00 per day! Multiply that by 30 days per month and your cost for heating oil is over £450. for just one month.

In comparison, an efficient electric fireplace has a heating operational cost of only £.12 per hour, so even if you ran your electrical fireplace for 24 hours straight it would only cost £3 per day or around £90.00 per month.

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Another thing to consider is if you are thinking about selling your home. I had to sell my Liverpool house fast, and although several people had looked at my house, nobody seemed to be keen to put in an offer. My estate agent suggested I invest little money on the curb appeal and also update the rather old gas heating system that was installed. Prospective buyers take a lot of notice of the heating when purchasing a home, and are likely to be interested if your home has an outdated or expensive to run heating system. Sure enough, my estate agent was right because shortly after changing to attractive and stylish electric fireplaces where received a decent offer on my Liverpool home.