Budget Gifts for Mothers’ Day

While we would all love purchase a service offering limo rental for Mother’s Day, the truth is when Mothers’ Day is approaching money is probably tight; so instead of hitting the malls this year and blowing the budget, try putting some creative thought into a gift. Today’s busy mums are always rushing: Dashing to the grocery store, bringing the kids to playdates/sporting events, working, and getting supper on the table. Wouldn’t it be nice if mum had a moment to stop and enjoy life? Here are five cheap “gift of time” ideas:

Breakfast in Bed for a Special Mum
This inexpensive Mothers’ Day gift is sure to make mum happy. A mum is always willing to accept some pampering from the family as a sign that she is treasured. Get the kids involved too; The breakfast doesn’t have to be a complicated gourmet meal. Try these treats for a wonderful warm or cold breakfast that mum will love to wake up to:

Yogurt with fresh berries and granola
Pastry and coffee
Toast using a sweet bakery bread and jam
Bagels with sweet strawberry cream cheese
Scrambled eggs mixed with chives, mushrooms, and/or cheddar cheese
Fruit and cream

Add some pretty accompaniments:
A single flower, homemade by the kids or real
A homemade card that everyone contributes comments in
New pictures of the family getting breakfast together

Free Time for Mum
Provide some breathing time for your special mum or spouse for Mothers’ Day this year. This can be done very easily by taking the children out to a movie and letting mum enjoy free time to take a bubble bath, read a book, or catch some extra sleep. Another idea would be to purchase a gift certificate to her favourite spa or hair salon and give her some worry-free time to enjoy it.

A Mother’s Day Picnic
Take the family on a picnic to one of mum’s favourite outdoor venues on Mothers’ Day. A local park, public wooded area, or a field, are all great locations for a picnic. Pack sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cookies for everyone. This is another gift idea that the children can help with and it is also inexpensive and easy to do at the last minute.

Nag-Free Mothers’ Day
Wouldn’t mum be surprised to enjoy a day with the kids where they carry out all of their chores and duties without fussing? Talk to them ahead of time and assign simple chores that mum ordinarily does around the house. Here are ten ideas for easy chores that kids could do:

Wiping the table after a meal
Loading the dishwasher
Cleaning up the bathroom
Making the beds
Emptying the garbage
Taking care of a pet
Wiping down countertops
Picking up toys

Time with the Kids
It is funny how time changes things. When children are young and demand mother’s attention, mums might appreciate a few moments of peace and quiet, but when the kids get older and are more likely to spend time with friends than with family; mum may desire the opportunity to have all her children with her under a single roof for a while. Arrange a day when this can happen and let mum enjoy her family.

Give mum the gift of time this year for Mothers’ Day. Time to be pampered, appreciated, alone to rest, or together to celebrate family; no matter how it is presented, a mum will enjoy this thoughtful, low cost gesture, on her special day; for a truly unforgettable Mothers’ Day.